PIAA Clearance REQUIREMENTS (must be current before games are assigned):

Pennsylvania has had ACT 153 in place since 2014. It requires that background checks be in place for people that interact with students.  

Three clearances are required to be submitted (once every five years):

  • 1. Federal Criminal History Clearance (from FBI Reports)
  • 2. Criminal History Record Clearance (from PA State Police Reports)
  • 3. Child Abuse Clearance (from the PA Department of Human Services)

There are three clearances that are required by PA State Law.  
Each can be accessed through the PIAA Website.

Important Information from the 
PIAA regarding Clearances
PIAA - Act 24 Requirements

Updated on December 6, 2011 (very important, please read)


All PIAA sports’ officials, as independent contractors, must complete the Act 24 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form for all PIAA member schools. This form is to report any arrest, or conviction, of an offense, or offenses, enumerated under 24 P.S. §1-111(e). See offenses detailed below. To assist PIAA-registered sports’ officials in this process, we have developed an interactive Act 24 form for submission to the PIAA Officials’ database. 

Please click on this link; www.piaa.org/officials and click on Act 24 (blue box), enter your access code and complete the Act 24 interactive form. PIAA will only accept this procedural electronic submission of this report. Once completed with your electronic signature, please follow the instructions to submit to PIAA. This form will be saved in the PIAA Officials’ database and will be able to be accessed by all PIAA member schools as they confirm your registration as a PIAA registered sports’ official who is on active status and in good standing. By completing this form on the PIAA Web site, it will only have to be completed one time for all schools to access at their convenience, therefore, eliminating an official from sending numerous copies to all the schools in which they have contract for contests.   

These forms will only be accepted by completion through the PIAA web site by using their unique access code, which is the first four (4) letters of their last name in capitals and the last four (4) numbers of their identification number (social security number). This process and the website will be EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2011. A PIAA registered sports’ official only needs to complete this form one time (one form for each individual official, not by sport). 

The crimes they detailed were listed in Section 1-111 (e) of the crimes code and include the following:  (1) criminal homicide; (2) aggravated assault; (3) stalking; (4) kidnapping; (5) unlawful restraint; (6) luring a child into a motor vehicle or structure; (7) rape; (8) statutory sexual assault; (9) involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; (10) sexual assault; (11) institutional sexual assault; (12) aggravated indecent assault; (13) indecent assault; (14) indecent exposure; (15) sexual intercourse with an animal; (16) incest; (17) concealing death of a child; (18) endangering the welfare of children; (19) offenses dealing with infant children; (20) prostitution and related offenses; (21) obscene and other sexual materials and performances; (22) corruption of minors; (23) sexual abuse of children; (24) unlawful contact with a minor; (25) solicitation of minors to traffic drugs; and (26) sexual exploitation of children.  The list further includes (1) equivalent or similar crimes under federal law or of another state, United States territory, the District of Columbia, a foreign nation, or under a former law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and (2) a felony offense under the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act.  This list may be modified, reduced, or expanded by Act of the General Assembly.  The list of offenses in effect at the time of violation by the sports official shall be applicable to proceedings to remove or suspend that sports official.
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