Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association
This page was last updated: February 26, 2017
As a member of the PIAA, the Keystone Lacrosse 
Officials Association (KLOA) 
provides for the recruitment, training, and classification of referees for the sport of boys lacrosse.  We serve Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

We encourage high ethical standards, sportsmanship, fair play, and cooperation with local associations and athletic directors. We provide experienced officials for interscholastic, tournament, and club level play throughout our area.  

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2017 KLOA Dues are due by March 17, 2017 - PAY HERE:

Thanks to all who attended the KLOA Clinic!  We appreciate you taking the time to prepare for the season.  Special thanks to Coach Donnelly, Coach Begier and Coach Matsinger for joining us today for the Coaches Session.

Presentations can be found on the "2017 Meetings Presentations" page

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***All Meeting dates are now posted***

* NEW - "Improvement Resources" Page - Valuable information for all officials (especially newer officials)

* 2017 Rules Interpretation Video, NFHS Rule Changes, Interpretations, Points of Emphasis, PIAA Bulletin and 
PowerPoint from KLOA meeting are posted on the "Rules Changes and POE for 2017" page. 

* NFHS Rules Tests and NEW quizzes are now available on "Rules Quizzes" Page

​* New Faceoff mechanic for 2017 - Details on the "2017 Mechanics" page

2017 Dues Payment:
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