Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association
This page was last updated: May 13, 2020
As a member of the PIAA, the Keystone Lacrosse 
Officials Association (KLOA) 
provides for the recruitment, training, and classification of referees for the sport of boys lacrosse.  We serve Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

We encourage high ethical standards, sportsmanship, fair play, and cooperation with local associations and athletic directors. We provide experienced officials for interscholastic, tournament, and club level play throughout our area.  

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         Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

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The memebership has voted, and by a margin of 72-4, the KLOA Board of Directors will remain intact for the 2021 season and 2020 will not count towards term limits for Board Members.  Thank you for taking the time to have your voice heard.

This is a good time to look over the rulebook, watch video, discuss situations, etc. 

Lacrosse will be back! 

Please stay safe and healthy.  We will need officials once this passes and we get to playing again.

Clearances - Many of our members have clearances that will expire in 2020. You will be unable to work games without all three of your clearances. Information on how to update your clearances is available by clicking "PIAA Clearance Info" on the left or click:


Get Physically Fit and Mentally Sharp

Get into the Rule Book

Stay Healthy

Be safe

Spend time with the people who you don't see enough during the season

Have fun!
If you are interested in viewing presentations of a wide variety of Lacrosse Official's topics, click the link and scroll down to the "Meeting Topics" section in the PIAA Chapter Meeting Guide.  There you will find presentations filled with information and videos on all lacrosse topics.

GAME FILM page is available - 
OFFICIALS ONLY (Password required)
If you have not paid your 2020 dues, do not worry about it.  The board decided on April 13th that no dues will be collected for the 2020 season.  If you have already paid, look for an email from Dave Tripp with what your options are.
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